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BS - Exercise Science

Nicole Uno

I was born and raised in Seattle. Both sides of my family have lived here for over one hundred years, so it certainly feels like home. While I love the finer things that this city provides (most notably coffee and beer), I love it most for its beautiful setting and proximity to some of the best natural environments around. 

I dabbled in many activities throughout childhood, and played a few organized sports (soccer, tennis, golf). Traditional structures of organization have never really suited me. I did not enjoy taking classes or going to camps. I mostly preferred to teach myself things. Though the process more difficult, filled with more mistakes and undoubtedly much slower, I have always gained a greater understanding because of the meaningful application, to me. (Care gives purpose).

Even though high school soccer was a less than inspiring experience, I somehow managed to walk-on to a highly competitive D-II collegiate program my freshman year, (which was awesome). I almost 'died' on the very first session- the two mile run test. How I underestimated that summer fitness program, and the unwelcoming climate of Miami, FL. And, I hate running. I graduated with a BS in Exercise Science and the intention of transitioning into Physical Therapy, but found that personal training could best serve the missing crossroads between health, medicine, and fitness.

Physical practice is tangible philosophy

Bigger Picture.