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(comfortable ability)




what I do

I am a

personal trainer  - 

providing guidance in strength & movement practices


But, I'm probably not the trainer that typically comes to mind. My work is NOT about changing you into a better version of yourself or even trying to change you at all. (You don't need to change who you are. Things tend to work better when you work with who you are and from where you are. Trying to work through someone else's eyes and expectations will typically take you farther from the body you inhabit). I am here to help you learn about, yourself- so that you may do the things you want to do.


My job is to provide a safe and supportive space for people to practice the communication and expression of their bodies.

The hope is to translate traditional biomechanics into sensation.

what I offer

Private Training 
a personal experience,  125/hour

Getting Started 
if you are curious and/or would like to vet me, please email - exchanging a few emails works for me or if you're in the Seattle area and would like to meet first, I am happy to walk around a park or sit down for coffee, tea, (or beer or wine).

how it works

Hourly Rate  

Customize duration and/or frequency.
Come and go as you please.

Typical Hours
Morning to early evening.

2521 4th Ave. Seattle    |    within Demco Fitness    |    Belltown
Street parking 

Outdoor sessions 
at local parks

Questions? Stories? Thoughts? 

Exceptions exist and I'm happy to help, please ask

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Individuals that know how to care for themself and feel cared for, are the ones that can create relationships and community which transcend convention and idealism. That is the purpose in which I want to contribute.

I provide my services in the way a good friend would- I start by listening.

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