What I do

I am a personal trainer  - 

providing guidance in strength & movement


But, my work is about more than just fitness. It's about wellness. I am careful not to confuse the two as our culture often does.  My goal is to get people well enough for fitness to be a sustainable part of their life.

For thoughts on the relationship between wellness and fitness check out -  WellFit.

temporary covid-19 changes

Sessions are available indoors (studio) and outdoors (local parks).
Please email with any questions or to schedule a session

What I offer

+ Private Training 

   a personal experience,  90/hour

+ Partner Training 

   a shared experience,  130/hour

how It works

Hourly Rate. 

Private $90 

Partner $130. 


Customize duration and/or frequency.

Come and go as you please.

Interaction Options.
+ More frequent // Regularly scheduled 

+ Less frequent // 'Independent project' based 

Typical Hours.

Morning to early evening.


+ Studio // 2521 4th Ave. Seattle.  [within Demco Fitness]

+ Application // Various locations to meet outside



* Exceptions exist, please inquire.



(comfortable ability)



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