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Home Gym

As expressed in the previous post, I split my year into two 'seasons, one for progress oriented training and one for fun. Living in the Pacific Northwest, it works wonderfully well splitting my seasons according to the weather- generally favorable vs generally unfavorable. Spring/summer I like being free to enjoy the sun and run wild until fall/winter when I've gotten so worn out that I can't wait to hibernate. There are never specific dates or time frames, rather I give myself time to transition, as long as I need to ensure that my head and body can get on the same page and want the same thing.

2020 has certainly been a different kind of year. It has changed the timing of things, the environments in which I frequent, but it hasn't changed my seasonal principles. Now that fall weather seems to be here to stay, I've been making my transition back to training mode, but the biggest difference is that I am not returning to the gym, yet.. but there's a good chance I don't return at all this season.

Previously and objectively, I most likely meet the qualifications of a typical gym rat;

- I have always 'needed' them to train in, as the idea of working out at home (or nearby) seemed impossible, or at least undesirable.

- I prefer a barbell, an occasional dumbbell/kettlebell and various things to hang on.

- And, I can spend an absurd amount of time in them, moving, observing, studying, snacking, wandering, but mostly resting ;)

But, thanks to the pandemic, home workouts are now preferred, who knew? It presents another opportunity to live differently, to train differently (and discover a whole lot that I would not have otherwise). So, Im just going to roll with it until the wind shifts.

Below is my home sweet home gym set-up - I'm basic.

  • Gymnastic Rings

  • Adjustable Aqua Training Bag (as a non-equipment person, this is surprisingly cool and quite useful)

  • A Resistance Band with removable handles

  • 4" Climbing Hold Spheres, Rock Rings, (hang-board on the way)

  • Hand-Balancing Canes

  • Sometimes my brain and/or sometimes my body


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