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integrating wellness & fitness by figuring out the 'gray'


Wellness is not an arrival point.  It is an act of maintenance, a sliding scale of behavior that keeps your current state of ability and capacity in mind. 

It is easier to recognize the best and/or the worst parts of ourselves. This contrast, simplifies us into points of fixation and both ends can lead down the same rabbit-hole, amplifying our self perceptions through the context of the culture we participate in. Before we know it we're on a lifelong search for that long-lost self, never quite recognizing that we are actually on someone else's journey.

Our lives are complex and there's a lot more going on within us than what the world could ever see. We are much more than ends of a spectrum- we are human. All the questions that lead us to seek outward, seem to develop as a result of our fabricated 'ends'. Through a different lens, perhaps those questions would lead us into the 'gray area' in between, and perhaps if we can move the median, our ends will adjust and expand, too. Your body never leaves, but that mind sure can wander far away. What if they traveled together? To venture in the same direction then, guiding coordinates might be -

1. Recognizing when your baseline of wellness is not being met.                                                                 

2. Knowing what you need to recover from this deficit. 

considerations to challenge conceptions

sneaky misconceptions:
self-care, exercise & intensity

Wellness grants fitness

(fitness does not grant wellness)