Strength and movement exploration for life outside of the gym.

A little background blurb. . .

Born and raised in Seattle.

I grew up the youngest of two athletic siblings, trying my hand at whatever sports they grew into; soccer, tennis and a little bit of golf. Needless to say I had a bit of competition in me, whether it came to organized sports or more important contests of superiority like ping-pong, rock skipping or hitting pine-cones with wiffle bats for distance. Soccer became my focus as I grew up and eventually I found myself playing at Barry University in Miami Shores, FL, a Division II school with quite a great reputation in the sport. Soccer soon blended into my course work and personal life, and I graduated with a BS in Exercise Science.

I moved back to Seattle as quickly as possible after that- My heart beats for the Northwest, it is home to me. I love the seasons, the water, the mountains- I love to be outside, and that is where I choose to spend the majority of my free time. I love cooking (especially difficult, time consuming things), and more so I just love eating good quality food that is lovingly prepared. I am a (proudly biased) lover of Washington red wine, beer and coffee.  I could probably be considered a snob about it, but as long as they are enjoyed in good company, I have no complaints.

I love learning- everything, daydreaming, I enjoy reading, journaling, photography, adobe software, the occasional pencil sketch, guitars and ukuleles, Air Jordan 4's, dancing, hiking, bouldering, mountain biking and spontaneous adventures that explore this beautiful region of the world.

My current training includes, barbell work (squat/snatch technique), the occasional kettlebell and a lot of  basic gymnastics foundational work. Of course that doesn't include all the accessory lifts and mobility drills. Most of my personal fitness goals are strength skills, (the tuck planche and the handstand push-up are my current works in progress).



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